EventHandler which sends an Email for new/changed items

What do you do if you want to be alerted for changes in a list?

![][1] Right. You set an alert. Or you can create a workflow with your SharePoint Designer. But there is a different way. With my "RH.ItemNotifier" Feature, you can configure alerts through the settings of a list.


Configure Users which need to be emailed for new items or changes to existing ones.


So why would you use this solution to create alerts? Well, you don’t 🙂 I created this as a proof of concept with some functionality which might come handy sometimes:

  • EventReceiver for lists/document libraries
  • Send an Email through the SharePoint OM
  • Deactivate a feature on all webs in your farm
  • Build a custom aspx page in your layouts folder to handle the user configuration

Feel free to look into the code, and take what you need.

Download Download the sourecode here
Download Download the SharePoint solution here