SharePoint Workspace cannot take a BCS list offline

Today I installed a BCS solution to a SharePoint 2010 farm. I wanted to take the list offline. So I clicked on the SPW button in the ribbon. As expected, SharePoint Workspace popped open, and tried to get the list. But all I got was an message, that there was an error installing the list. The eventlog, of the client I was working on, revealed that there was an error installing the solution (And we need the solution, to get the data on our clients.

Do not install Office 2010 x64

Now you will think “Why not?”. Some time ago I read a blog post which said “If you are asking yourself if you want to install Office 2010 as 64bit version, you should install the x86 version”. Why that? The reason is, that if you are asking yourself you worry about incompatibility with over software. And you are right! If you install x64, all add-ins you use have to be x64 as well.

Office 2007 + SharePoint Document Library = Prompt for Credentials

Problem: Even if you configure your SharePoint site as Intranet in the Internet Explorer, you will be prompted for user credentials when you open an Office document with Office 2007. This is true, if you haven’t configured a proxy in your browser, access your SharePoint site with a FQDN (fully qualified domain name) and you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7. Cause: (Quote from the KB aticle below) In Windows Vista, Internet Explorer uses the Web Client service when you use Internet Explorer to access a WebDAV resource.