Simulated Temperature IoT Edge Module

Me: Yeah! Another Simulated Temperature Sensor solution. You: Hold on. Why do you create another one again? Me: Well, mine is more flexible than the existing ones. You: OK. Show me Me: "SendData": true, "SendInterval": 500, "InstanceCount": 10 You: 🥺 Me: This module gives you the flexibility to have multiple sensors sending from one module. This can be configured by the InstanceCount. The existing solution allows you to set the send interval in seconds only.

Count provisioned devices by DPS

This post shows a way to find out how many IoT (Edge) devices have been provisioned by a specific enrolment group within the last x minutes. The solution could be much simpler if I just wanted to know how many devices are registering themselves. In this case the build in metrics are enough to get that information.IoT Hub Metrics The use case required a more sophisticated solution that is able to reflect the tenants, identified by tags.

Azure IoT Edge on constraint devices

In this post I would like to show some tweaks you can (and might need to) apply to influence the behavior of your IoT Edge device, when it comes to message retention on devices that are limited in resources. The setup of this scenario is not uncommon, as it uses a module to retrieve telemetry from machines, parses them in another module and sends the messages to an IoT Hub.

Properties for IoT Messages in Azure Stream Analytics

In this post I want to show how to use properties that are added to messages that IoT devices are sending to Azure IoT Hub in Stream Analytics. And while talking about properties, let’s even use message enrichment 🙂Stream Analytics Architecture Sample Message The green properties will be added by the Message enrichment feature of IoT Hub, as the data is not most likely not known on the IoT device or does not need to be transferred with each message.


With Azure IoT Edge you can deploy modules (also known as Docker Containers) to a server. I’ve created a sample solution on GitHub that deploys a module which monitors the temperature of the harddisk that the server is running on. The repository can be a starting point for further customization.

Session auf der Iot-Konferenz

Mit dem Thema “IoT – Raus aus der Update-Hölle” bin ich als Sprecher auf der im Oktober in München unterwegs. Ich freu mich drauf 🙂