Fileserver Access

Major Update to the Fileserveraccess Web Part

In 2008 I’ve released a Web Part, which enables your users to access files on your fileservers through SharePoint. Original post. This Web Part has been downloaded many times. With this new version, I’ve tried to deal with the most asked questions (like Kerberos), which will make the Web Part easier to use. Naturally new features have been implemented, to get you to upgrade to the new version. With this release, the Web Part requires SharePoint Foundation / Server 2010.

Access Fileserver Data via SharePoint

**Update: ** The Webpart is not (yet) working as expected. Ajax only works for postbacks. The initial load will take longer, if you have many directories. I am working on this… **Update2: ** Almost done! Ajax is working fine. Ajax is registered, so you don’t need to modify the web.config yourself. Todo: Performance. Hang on just a little more. **Update3: ** Done. I have worked on my Webpart. It will now be faster and it is working 🙂