Keep track of IoT Edge Updates

Summary Azure IoT Edge, like every other software, needs to be updated to keep track of a) new features, b) remove bugs, but also c) install security fixes. But where do you find information about the latest versions and patches? Azure IoT Edge Releases Major releases are currently named with “1.1 LTS” and “1.2”. The version history can be found on the Microsoft Docs page Azure IoT Edge versions and release notes.

Add a new branch from upstream repository

Summary I’ve forked Marlin to adjust the configuration and persist it in my own repository. Now Marlin released version 2.1. Naturally, I wanted to use 2.1 as well. But the new branch was not available on my fork :-( I have branch 2.0.x in my repo and cloned locally I want branch 2.1.x from the Marlin repository cloned locally and pushed to my fork Add new branch from original repository Get the status quo Let’s see what we have in a local clone of my repo: