Using SharePoint Controls

Back from vacation. 1 week with an offline version of feeds is hard. So I read the postings I got closely 🙂 One post I do want to bring your attention to, is about SharePoint Controls.

My post about using the SharePoint Controls shows how to use the controls you see in forms (TextField, NumberField, LookupField…).

There are plenty of SharePoint controls, which you can use. Robin Meure has written a post “re-using SharePoint controls”. The controls in his post are:

WebApplicationSelector image SiteAdministrationSelector image SchedulePicker image SPDatePickerControl image ButtonSection [image][1] InputFormSection, InputFormControl [image][2] InputFormTextBox [image][3] InputFormRequiredFieldValidator image InputFormRangeValidator image ToolBar, ToolBarButton image

Go to his post to see the code on how to use these controls.

Update February 2010:

If you want to learn more about InputFormSection.ascx and InputFormControl.ascx Controls, you have to take a look at the post

InputFormSection.ascx and InputFormControl.ascx Controls over at Karine Bosch’s Blog.