Get Central Administration Webapplication

With this code you can get the central administration webapplication.

 1: private static SPWebApplication GetCentralAdministrationWebApplication()

<span class=lnum>   2:  </span>{
 3:  SPWebService cS = SPWebService.ContentService;
<span class=lnum>   4:  </span>    var service = cS.Farm.Services.GetValue<SPWebService>(<span class=str>"WSS_Administration"</span>);
 5:  SPWebApplicationCollection webApplications = service.WebApplications;
<span class=lnum>   6:  </span>    <span class=kwrd>foreach</span> (SPWebApplication webApplication <span class=kwrd>in</span> webApplications)
 7:  {
<span class=lnum>   8:  </span>        <span class=kwrd>return</span> webApplication;
 9:  }
<span class=lnum>  10:  </span>    <span class=kwrd>return</span> <span class=kwrd>null</span>;
 11: }

If you have a better way, let me know 🙂

And here we go. A big Thank you goes to Axel Heer.

return SPAdministrationWebApplication.Local;