SharePoint 2010 Contoso VM

First: The VM is great! Almost everything you’ll need to test or show off with is included in the VM.

Well, almost. There is some software I needed to install in order to get everything working. Here is a list of problems and solutions:


Problem: Cannot connect external lists to Outlook

Solution: Install SQL Compact Edition SP2


Problem: REST is not working

Solution: Install ADO.NET Data Services runtime


Problem: All sites are English. Not really a problem, but if you want to show SharePoint to your boss 🙂

Solution: Install language packs for SharePoint Foundation, SharePoint Server and Office 2010 Clients

Language Packs for SharePoint Foundation 2010 Beta

2010 Server Language Packs for SharePoint Server 2010 Beta

Microsoft Office 2010 Beta Language Pack


Problem: Visual Studio 2010 can’t connect to my Sourcecontrol

Solution: Install a client, in my case “SourceGear Vault


Problem: Visual Studio 2010 is not working as I am used to

Solution: Install Resharper from Jetbrains: