Update: WarmupScript

A long time ago, I posted a program which will hit all your sites. With parameters you can specify to hit all sites within a sitecollection.


This program has been updated. You can not omit a start Url, and specify “Farm” as parameter. This way, all sites in all sitecollections in all webapplications in all… 🙂 will be warmed up.

The warmup will use a HttpRequest to query all homepages. It will not hit every page in the pages libraries, but hitting each web is sufficient for most scenarios.

One thing to mention. If you want to warmup your Central Administration, you’ll have to call the program with the Url, as the CA will not be included in the webapplication enumeration of a SharePoint farm.


WarmupSharePoint http://your.server.url [AllSites] – will hit one site only, unless the AllSites parameter is specified. Then all sites will be dealed with.

WarmupSharePoint Farm – iterates through all sitecollections and hit all sites within

Download the program
Download the sourcecode