Simulated Temperature IoT Edge Module

Me: Yeah! Another Simulated Temperature Sensor solution.

You: Hold on. Why do you create another one again?

Me: Well, mine is more flexible than the existing ones.

You: OK. Show me


"SendData": true,
"SendInterval": 500,
"InstanceCount": 10

You: 🥺

Me: This module gives you the flexibility to have multiple sensors sending from one module. This can be configured by the InstanceCount. The existing solution allows you to set the send interval in seconds only. With this solution, you can specify this in milliseconds.

You: Now I understand. Thank you

Me: Sure. Feel free to use the code and adjust it to your needs.

ReneHezser/SimulatedTemperatureSensor: An Azure IoT Edge module that simulates temperature/humidity values with a configurable amount of devices and send interval (

Summary / What’s this about

The solution contains a tweaked Simulated Temperature Module for Azure IoT Edge. It continuously creates simulated temperature data and sends that to an Azure IoT Hub.