ShareCamp und ShareConf, ich bin dabei

In diesem Jahre geht es rund mit Veranstaltungen. Nach der SharePoint Konferenz bin ich auch beim ShareCamp dabei und auf der ShareConf mit einem Vortrag dabei. Mal schauen was noch so kommt 🙂

SharePoint Konferenz im März, ich bin dabei

Im März ist wieder SharePoint Konferenz Termin. Ich werden mit zwei Vorträgen dabei sein. SharePoint 2013 und Social. Was ist neu, was kann man machen? Enterprise-Lösungen mit Business Connectivity Services Nach der BASTA 2012, BASTA Spring 2012, BASTA 2011, BASTA 2010, BASTA 2009 und den SharePoint Konferenzen 2010, 2009 ist das mein 7. Auftritt als Speaker. Cool. Es macht ja auch jedes mal aufs Neue Spaß 🙂

UserProfile Service, Managed Properties are not available

“Your search encountered an error. If the problem persists, contact the portal site administrator.” Great. That would be me 🙂 I wanted to manage some properties within the User Profile Service Application. But an error message kept me from doing so. A quick look for the running SharePoint services from the Central Administration looked ok. The UPS services is up and running. Then it hit me.

SharePoint 2013 RTM Availability

With pleasure I read multiple feeds about the availability of SharePoint 2013 via MSDN 🙂 I am anxious to install that version, and see what has changed compared to the Preview. René

Using .NET 4 with SharePoint 2013

A while ago, I wrote an article about performing operations parallel with SharePoint 2010 (.NET 3.5). –> Execute code in multiple threads (even with SharePoint) Since I am not the only guy with this kind of “problems”, others are writing about SharePoint and .NET. Especially .NET 4.5 and SharePoint 2013. Stephane Eyskens hat posted a nice 6-post series about .NET within SharePoint 2013. Tuples Lazy Loading Sorted Sets Parallel.ForEach .

Getting an “Object reference not set to an instance of an object” when accessing the User Profile Service via Code

This is one of the posts which shall remind me about something. And may help others as well. Coding against the User “Profile Service Application requires Connection Permissions for the executing user account! From the beginning. I wrote a console application which leverages the User Profile Store. Every time I created a new instance of the UserProfileConfigManager class, an exception was thrown: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

What is the _layouts/15/start.aspx in SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2013 immediately redirects you to an application page start.aspx when you call a website. If you’ve ever wondered why, keep on reading… The pictures will also look familiar to you. So what happened? Why the start.aspx? The start.aspx inherits Microsoft.SharePoint.ApplicationPages.MDSStartPage. That page simply looks, if the SPContext.Current.Site.CompatibilityLevel is above 14. If not, it’ll redirect to web.Url. That is the behavior, we know from previous versions of SharePoint. Additionally it adds some caching information to the Response, and loads a JavaScript called… start.

Start / Stop SharePoint Services via PowerShell

If you have installed SharePoint on your workstation, you might want to start the services only in case of active development. Otherwise the services consume memory and other resources. The PowerShell script in this post will allow you to easily start and stop all required services for a local SharePoint Installation. It will detect if you’ve installed SharePoint 2007/WSS, SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint 2013. Just copy the code below to a file, name it StartStopSharePoint.

Soeben ist ein neues Community-Portal online gegangen. Auf diesem Portal bin auch ich als Autor für Artikel vertreten. Mehr Werbung möchte ich jetzt erst einmal nicht machen 🙂 Schaut es euch einfach mal an. Was erwartet Euch auf diesem Portal? Wir starten zunächst mit zwei Rubriken: Artikel und Shots. Die Artikel befassen sich mit allen möglichen Themen rund um das Design. Dabei werden nicht nur die klassischen (Web-)Designer angesprochen, sondern auch Entwickler, IT-Pros oder einfach nur „SharePoint-Interessierte“.

Caching objects with HttpRuntime

I won’t go into the arguments for using a caching mechanism or not. This post is simply an example for an easy way to cache data. So if you want to store some object in the cache, you can do so very easy.var localizedString =Caching.EnsureObject(resourceName, () =>GetOperation(parameter)); As you can see, it really doesn’t matter what type of object the cache will store. classCaching { privatestaticreadonlyTimeSpan Duration =newTimeSpan(1, , ); ///<summary>///return cached value, or add and return from cache ///</summary>///<typeparam name="

Error in SharePoint Search

I’ve had the error message “The SharePoint item being crawled returned an error when requesting data from the web service. (0x80042616)” when I tried to crawl a SharePoint WebApplication. The search crawler account had access to a site by a WebApplication policy. But somehow, that didn’t work. After removing and re-adding the account policy on the WebApplication, the search crawled my content again. Hopefully this post can help others as well.

Execute code in multiple threads (even with SharePoint)

Since SharePoint 2010 uses .NET 3.5, you can not use the fancy new functions from .NET 4 🙂 So if we need e.g. multi-threaded execution of code, we’ll need to write the code ourselves. But, as you can see, this really isn’t so hard. The basic idea behind this solution of executing code parallel in threads, is that you have an IEnumerable of some kind. This can be a List, or any other IEnumerable.

Major Update to the Fileserveraccess Web Part

In 2008 I’ve released a Web Part, which enables your users to access files on your fileservers through SharePoint. Original post. This Web Part has been downloaded many times. With this new version, I’ve tried to deal with the most asked questions (like Kerberos), which will make the Web Part easier to use. Naturally new features have been implemented, to get you to upgrade to the new version. With this release, the Web Part requires SharePoint Foundation / Server 2010.