docker-compose vs. CPU limit

That was a painfull learning today 🙁 Best is to blog about it now, so hopefully somebody reads this before (or during) troubleshooting a similar issue. What happened? My home server was running crazy and did not server any requests. Oh well, it decided to reply my ping but not really allowing a SSH session. So I needed to drag a TV downstairs to connect it via analog cable (fortunately I still found one), connect a keyboard and see that a process mono-sgen was eating all CPU 🙁 But what does it belong to?

VisionAI DevKit won’t deploy a module

Today my VisionAI DevKit was not deploying a module. In the logs (sudo journalctl -u iotedge -f) I could see the deployment was received: Successfully pulled image<br>Creating module VisionSampleImagenet…<br>Could not create module VisionSampleImagenet<br>caused by: No such image: Strange. During troubleshooting I started docker images and saw a lot of older images and versions. After deleting a log of them with docker image rm xyz the deployment succeeded and the module started.