Multi Level Navigation

The out-of-the-box WSS navigation offers one level of navigation. The navigation elements can be configured in the site settings. There is a way to make it have multi level navigation, as MOSS does, by changing the DataSource. But this “hack” is not flexible, as you can not reorder the item within the navigation menu. While I was reading the post How to create your own Cascading Navigation using the ASPMenu control, the decision was made to build a custom navigation which supports multiple navigation levels.

Navigation for Wikis

The Wiki functionality SharePoint offers is great for quickly writing down stuff. It is often used for Server documentation. Creating new pages is easy, and you can link pages. The ability to format the text is nothing fancy, but most of the time enough 🙂 Uploading images can be done with my custom field type, which stores images and documents in existing libraries. After the upload, a link is inserted into the Wiki body.