Another place, another proxy

Do you connect to different networks regularly? Well, I do. Switching the proxy each time is annoying. Here is the solution:

Marco wrote a great tool, which will switch your IE proxy based on the Gateway IP or the DNS Suffix 🙂

Have a look at it:


Proxy Switcher is a little helper tool for switching between different proxy settings.

If you are at many locations, e.g. at work, home, hotel, etc. you may be tired of setting (and rember) proxy settings for the different locations.

So, Proxy Switcher will assist you in remeber and easily switch between proxy settings. The major feature which is different from many other tools is, that Proxy Switcher can switch settings automatically depending on network connections.

To make this work, define a new proxy configuration and set a condition for activating it. Possible conditions (in this version) are depending on the DNS suffix (e.g. or on the gateway IP address. If you now connect you notebook to a network, the settings will activated automatically.