Display all my alerts

The "old" SharePoint Server 2003 offered the ability to display all alerts from a user on his/her MySite. MOSS and SharePoint 2010 lacks this functionality. So I wrote a Webpart, which will display all my alerts. Of course is multilingual. Currently there is English, German and Spanish language support included. And it will work on Windows SharePoint Services V3 as well ass SharePoint Foundation. You don’t need the Office Server / SharePoint Server 2010 for it 🙂


You can configure which columns shall be displayed, and if you want to see all alerts from all websites within your SharePoint farm.

The Webpart will iterate through all websites, and look if there are alerts for the current user. You can then modify the alerts, or navigate to the corresponding website and list by clicking on the appropriate entry in the context menu of the alert.

To install this Webpart, install and deploy the solution via stsadm:

  1. stsadm -o addsolution -filename RH.MyAlerts.wsp
  2. stsadm -o deploysolution -name RH.MyAlerts.wsp -immediate -url http://yoururl

Instead of deploying the solution using stsadm, you can deploy it in the central administration of your farm.

Creating the solution wsp file is very easy, if you use the WSPBuilder.

Download the solution.

Download the source code for the Webpart.

(Please set the trust level of your web.config to ‘Full’!)

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Update 16.12.07
I fixed an error and the Multilanguage support is back

Update 12.05.08
Another small update. Handling search alerts is improved and the assembly will not install in the GAC (Global Assembly Cache) to get rid of the FullTrust setting in the web.config.

Update 11.06.08
This update deals with the problem that SPContext.Current.Web.CurrentUser is sometimes null.

Update 31.08.08
The Webpart does now include an update check in the Webpart properties.

Update 01.10.08
A small bug fix update.

Update 26.10.08
I have implemented Spanish localization.

Update 08.11.08
A small update to with bugfixes

Update 22.07.09
HtmlDecoding for the GroupBy field value (the title for webs)


Update 1.9.09 – Version
Fix to prevent Access Denied e.g. for SSP Sites.

Update 20.12.2011 – Version
Small update to improve SharePoint 2010