Updated WikiWebpart + Tool to install it

I updated my WikiWebpart. You can now download it as a SharePoint Solution.

Steps to install the solution:

  1. Install the solution via “stsadm -o addsolution -filename RH.WikiWebpart.wsp”
    • Go to your "Central Administration > Operations" and deploy the solution


* Active the Feature for your Sitecollection
Go to “Site Actions > Site Settings > Site Collection Administration > Site collection features” and active the feature
##### Add the Webpart to your Wiki library

Now you are done. You can add the Webpart to any Wiki library you like. To make this process easier, I wrote a little tool for it. You call it with the weburl and the Wiki library name as parameters.  
_RH.AddWikiWebpart.exe http://sharepointurl/somewikipage "Wiki Pages"_ 


One more note. Right now the Webpart only displays english text. When I find a solution to add the resource assemblies for german, I will update the Webpart. 

  *![][4] Download [WikiWebpart Solution][5] 
      *![][4] Download [AddWikiWebpart Tool][6] </ul> 
    If you have previously installed the Webpart manually, remove it from all Wiki library EditForm.aspx, from the Webpart gallery, and from your web.config and bin folder.

    <font size=4>Update:</font>

    <font size=1>Multilanguage Support is back 😉  
    You can download the solution and update it via  
    </font><font size=1>"<font face=Courier>stsadm -o upgradesolution -name RH.WikiWebpart.wsp -filename RH.WikiWebpart.wsp -immediate</font>"</font>

    <font size=4>Update 23. Apr 2008:</font>

    <font size=1>I have released a new version. Bugfixing only.</font>

    <font size=4>Update 5. Jul 2008:</font>

    <font size=1>A new version with support for uploading files additionally to pictures.</font></div> </div>