ChangePassword Webpart – new version available

The ChangePassword WebPart on CodePlex has been downloaded over 20.000 times. The new version has a couple of new features: Easy Installation SharePoint 2010 and 2013 (Foundation and Server) Password strength indicator Plugin support to extend functionality by custom code1 Warning if an unsecured connection is used Copyright hint can be removed1 Auditing of password changes (and attempts) Logging into the SharePoint logs This is how it might look on your SharePoint:

Major Update to the Fileserveraccess Web Part

In 2008 I’ve released a Web Part, which enables your users to access files on your fileservers through SharePoint. Original post. This Web Part has been downloaded many times. With this new version, I’ve tried to deal with the most asked questions (like Kerberos), which will make the Web Part easier to use. Naturally new features have been implemented, to get you to upgrade to the new version. With this release, the Web Part requires SharePoint Foundation / Server 2010.

Active Directory User Editor

SharePoint is importing user information from the Active Directory through the Shared Services Provider (if you have MOSS). Wouldn’t it be nice if users could “manage themselves”? That would save lots of time for the Admins 🙂 The answer is here: http://nominesptools.codeplex.com/ 5 different types of properties fields: Simple TextBox, DropDownList/ListBox (with predefined values), People Picker, Date Picker with calendar. Multi-domain compatible. Nearly Any Active Directory property can be easily added or removed of the edit form, directly trough the webpart configuration (nothing “hard-coded”).

Multi Level Navigation

The out-of-the-box WSS navigation offers one level of navigation. The navigation elements can be configured in the site settings. There is a way to make it have multi level navigation, as MOSS does, by changing the DataSource. But this “hack” is not flexible, as you can not reorder the item within the navigation menu. While I was reading the post How to create your own Cascading Navigation using the ASPMenu control, the decision was made to build a custom navigation which supports multiple navigation levels.

Upload documents/pictures to a discussion lists

You might already know my Wiki Webpart, which allows you to upload pictures and documents to a Wiki while editing it. What is it? With this Solution you can upload images and documents from the new/edit form into existing picture/document libraries. After the file has been uploaded, a link will be inserted into the Body. This is either a or a tag, depending on the uploaded file. How does it work?

FilterParts for SharePoint

A while ago Microsoft released some filter Webparts on MSDN. SharePoint Filter Webparts including: – BDC MultiFilter: Similar to the BDC Data Item Builder web part provided with MOSS 2007 Enterprise Edition, except it provides up to 4 additional filter connections containing BDC entity attributes to allow display of more entity-related data – ShowFilter: Diagnostic display of any filter connected – ShowFilterMap: Displays a Virtual Earth map when passed a filter containing a street address

ChartPart for SharePoint

You can find a Webpart for displaying data from SharePoint lists as Charts on CodePlex. The feature list: Generate a graph from a SharePoint list Intuitive and easy configuration Multiple graph types Multiple series Title of graph Legend Border Set size of graph Technorati Tags: SharePoint,Webpart,Charts,CodePlex

Webpart to show Sitecollections/Subwebs

This Webpart will show Sitecollections from the current Webapplication or Subwebs from the current web. In the Webpart properties you can choose what the Webpart will show. It uses the Logo URL of websites, if they are specified. The description of the website will show up as tooltip. I am using the RepeatedControls class to build the items. This class really makes it easy to add entries by moving the layout functionality into an own class.

Wiki Webpart 2.0

The next generation Wiki Webpart is there! Sounds good J The (stupid) name remains, but the core has changed. What is it? With the Wiki Webpart you can upload images and documents from a Wiki edit page into existing picture/document libraries. After the file has been uploaded, a link will be inserted into the Wiki Content. This is either a or a tag, depending on the uploaded file.

TagCloud Webpart

Categorizing posts with keywords is not new. There are solutions which create a new column for your blog, where you can define categories. My Webpart will look in your posts for Technorati links. Many posts are tagged with Technorati links, so that you can look for a tag, and find posts on many blogs for this tag. You can create Technorati links with the Live Writer, if you want to blog with it.

Updated WikiWebpart

Since so many people asked for support to upload documents as well, I have implemented this functionality into my WikiWebpart. Now you can add pictures and files directly into your wiki by uploading them from the clients. As always, you have to install the solution, and activate the WikiWebpart feature for you Sitecollection as described in Updated WikiWebpart + Tool to install it. The Webpart will detect an existing picture and document library, and use it.

Display all my alerts update

With this update the problem that SPContext.Current.Web.CurrentUser is sometimes null is solved. Additionally there are lots of information written to the ULS logs, if you have configured your farm to log information with the level “Monitorable” More and download…