Many SharePoint Features

CodePlex has a project for SharePoint 2007 Features. Within this workplace there are features like:

  • Ajax Config Feature
  • Content Type Hierarchy Feature
  • Debug Config Feature
  • Debugger Feature
  • Features Source Code
  • Log Viewer Feature
  • Manage Configuration Modifications
  • Manage Form Users Feature
  • Manage Hierarchical Object Store Feature
  • Manage Layouts Site Map Feature
  • Minimal Master
  • Minimal Publishing Site
  • Placeholder Master Feature
  • Presence Contact List Feature
  • Print List Feature
  • Task Alert Feature
  • Task Mover Feature
  • Theme Changer Feature
  • Window Links Feature

Especially the Ajax Config Feature is great. In the future I will release more Webparts based on Ajax. This makes it much more easier to deploy them 🙂