Update to the SharePoint Solution Deployer

A new version is out. If brings some great new extensions (two of them are from me 🙂 ) v5.0.4.6440 (2015-04-04) New: All extensions added: Blocked file extensions, content type hub, custom crawl connector, features, logging configuration, managed metadata, re-ghost, search schema, secure store, site structure, CSOM extensions for files and 2013 workflows Updated: SharePointVersions.xml Updated: Typos in comments fixed and some code clean-up First release based on GitHub repository Grab your version from http://spsd.

The SharePoint Solution Deployer

Deploying Solutions can be a …. (fill in as you wish). The SharePoint Solution Deployer offers a great opportunity to writing your own scripts. The existing functionality should match your needs to deploy SharePoint Solutions. If not, the “framework” can be extended with custom Extensions or simple PowerShell code. I’ve written two Extensions, which let you enable and disable features upon deployments and reset files to their site definitions (aka ReGhost).

ChangePassword Webpart – new version available

The ChangePassword WebPart on CodePlex has been downloaded over 20.000 times. The new version has a couple of new features: Easy Installation SharePoint 2010 and 2013 (Foundation and Server) Password strength indicator Plugin support to extend functionality by custom code1 Warning if an unsecured connection is used Copyright hint can be removed1 Auditing of password changes (and attempts) Logging into the SharePoint logs This is how it might look on your SharePoint:

CKS – Dev for Visual Studio 2012

The Tools have been released for VS 2012. Great! The CKS – Development Tools Edition for Visual Studio 2012 is a collection of Visual Studio templates, Server Explorer extensions and tools providing accelerated SharePoint 2010/2013 development based on Microsoft’s SharePoint 2010/2013 development tools. The current 1.0 release includes the following features: Server Exploration from CKSDev 2010 v2.4 – Visual Studio 2012 version of the Visual Studio 2010 exploration.

Mastering your Hyper-V R2 Core Server

If you like – and use – Hyper-V is out of scope of this post. So let’s assume you have a Hyper-V core installation, as it is free and works great 🙂 Microsoft® Hyper-V™ Server 2008 R2 is a stand-alone hyper-visor based virtualization product which includes Live migration. Download: (about 1GB) OK. That was the marketing part. Many people have great respect for a server, which has no GUI.

CKS:EBE 3.0-Enhanced Blog Edition 3.0

Like many other blogs running SharePoint, my blog uses the EBE to add more functionality to the default SharePoint blog. And since I am one of the developers of the EBE 3.0, I’m glad that we announce the release of the next release. Version 3 brings along many new features and improvements of already implemented features. New Features *Ability to theme wiki pages *Ability to export post to PDF *Localization (French, Spanish)

SiteDirectory for SharePoint 2010

SP 2010 does not bring a SiteDirectory template. Microsoft Consulting Services UK have released a CodePlex version of a SiteDirectory for SharePoint 2010: What is the Purpose of the Site Directory for SharePoint 2010? SharePoint 2007 used to have a type of Site Called Site Directory which provided a directory of all sites that had been created. In SharePoint 2010, this feature has been dropped. This solution has been developed to fill the gap in SharePoint 2010.

CodePlex project

Today I’ve created a CodePlex project for some of my SharePoint developments. Interesting to see what I’ve done so far 🙂 The link is Webparts [Access Fileserver Data via SharePoint][3] [Display all my alerts][4] [Webpart to show Sitecollections/Subwebs][5] [TagCloud Webpart][6] [Display a single ListItem][7] Custom Fields [Upload Files and Images][8] Features [.NET 3.5 and Silverlight][9] Control Adapter [Navigation for Wikis][10] Event Handler

Word to SharePoint

A picture will you tell more than words: Another great project on CodePlex. –> Project Description A SharePoint Feature that allows selection of Word 2007 documents for content conversion to a selected WebpageLibrary. The solution also extracts, transfers and re-links images to a selected image library.

Active Directory User Editor

SharePoint is importing user information from the Active Directory through the Shared Services Provider (if you have MOSS). Wouldn’t it be nice if users could “manage themselves”? That would save lots of time for the Admins 🙂 The answer is here: 5 different types of properties fields: Simple TextBox, DropDownList/ListBox (with predefined values), People Picker, Date Picker with calendar. Multi-domain compatible. Nearly Any Active Directory property can be easily added or removed of the edit form, directly trough the webpart configuration (nothing “hard-coded”).

Automate iFilter and PDF Indexing support

Setting up your SharePoint farm to be able to crawl PDF files and show the PDF icon is a manual task which involves changing the registry. If you don’t want to go through the steps manually, try the stsadm command from here: You can find the CodePlex site here: After the stsadm extension has been installed, setting up PDF support is easy:<span style="color:#606060" id=lnum1 1:</span stsadm -o searchfilter -ext pdf -filter PDFlib –iconfile "

ChartPart for SharePoint

You can find a Webpart for displaying data from SharePoint lists as Charts on CodePlex. The feature list: Generate a graph from a SharePoint list Intuitive and easy configuration Multiple graph types Multiple series Title of graph Legend Border Set size of graph Technorati Tags: SharePoint,Webpart,Charts,CodePlex

Get more our of your Windows SharePoint Services

CompleteSharePoint.Net will bring new features to your WSS V3 installation. Some new features are: Page editing toolbar (same as MOSS) The use of page layouts The use of master pages Custom site actions menu (same as MOSS) The project is also available on Tags: SharePoint Content Management System

SharePoint Content Deployment Wizard

There is great tool on CodePlex. SharePoint Content Deployment Wizard. The SharePoint Content Deployment Wizard is a tool for SharePoint 2007 which provides the means to deploy the following content: – site collections – webs – lists – folders – list items (including files)

Many SharePoint Features

CodePlex has a project for SharePoint 2007 Features. Within this workplace there are features like: Ajax Config Feature Content Type Hierarchy Feature Debug Config Feature Debugger Feature Features Source Code Log Viewer Feature Manage Configuration Modifications Manage Form Users Feature Manage Hierarchical Object Store Feature Manage Layouts Site Map Feature Minimal Master Minimal Publishing Site Placeholder Master Feature Presence Contact List Feature Print List Feature Task Alert Feature Task Mover Feature Theme Changer Feature Window Links Feature Especially the Ajax Config Feature is great.