free DocAve SQL Restore Controller

An item level restore solution is available at AvePoint. The DocAve SQL Restore Controller care restore items, sites and site collections from a SQL or DPM database, or a backup.

If you click on the download link, you have to provide an email address. A download link will be sent to you.

The files you have to download are 414 MB (Manager) and 40 MB for the Agent. But the download server is fast 🙂

After the installation you can login to the website as admin/admin. Sometimes reading the documentation tells you important things! You have to configure various properties and data stores to be able to search for and select items.

In my case I searched for part of the item title, which was “delete”. SearchForItem

The Restore Controller found an item with the ID 4.



The restore of the item worked as it is should. The product is great to restore items, if you have a backup.