CodePlex project

Today I’ve created a CodePlex project for some of my SharePoint developments. Interesting to see what I’ve done so far 🙂

The link is


  • [Access Fileserver Data via SharePoint][3]
  • [Display all my alerts][4]
  • [Webpart to show Sitecollections/Subwebs][5]
  • [TagCloud Webpart][6]
  • [Display a single ListItem][7]

Custom Fields

  • [Upload Files and Images][8]


  • [.NET 3.5 and Silverlight][9]

Control Adapter

  • [Navigation for Wikis][10]

Event Handler

  • [Picture Library and Exif data][11]
  • [EventHandler which sends an Email for new/changed items][12]


  • [Warmup SharePoint][13]
  • [SharePoint Console][14]
  • [Modify blog post categories][15]
  • [Compare SharePoint Lists][16]

[3]: Fileserver Data via SharePoint [4]: all my alerts [5]: to show Sitecollections/Subwebs [6]: Webpart [7]: a single ListItem [8]: Files and Images [9]: 3.5 and Silverlight [10]: for Wikis [11]: Library and Exif data [12]: which sends an Email for new/changed items [13]: SharePoint [14]: Console [15]: blog post categories [16]: SharePoint Lists