SiteDirectory for SharePoint 2010

SP 2010 does not bring a SiteDirectory template. Microsoft Consulting Services UK have released a CodePlex version of a SiteDirectory for SharePoint 2010:

What is the Purpose of the Site Directory for SharePoint 2010?

SharePoint 2007 used to have a type of Site Called Site Directory which provided a directory of all sites that had been created. In SharePoint 2010, this feature has been dropped. This solution has been developed to fill the gap in SharePoint 2010. The solution follows the same basic principle of the Site Directory in SharePoint 2007 but adds some commonly requested features.

What does Site Directory for SharePoint 2010 do?

Site Listings List: A basic SharePoint list which stores an entry for each site that is picked up by the Scan Job.
Scan Job: A timer job which scans Web Applications for sites and updates or adds to the Site Listings list. Supports exclusions, three different ways of identifying Site Owners and can be configured for multiple Web Applications, each with their own schedule.
Delete Broken Listings Job: A timer job which checks each Site Listing to see if it exists. If it does not then it keeps a count of how many times it was missing and then removes the listing once a configurable number of missed scans is reached.

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