Azure IoT Edge on constraint devices

In this post I would like to show some tweaks you can (and might need to) apply to influence the behavior of your IoT Edge device, when it comes to message retention on devices that are limited in resources. The setup of this scenario is not uncommon, as it uses a module to retrieve telemetry from machines, parses them in another module and sends the messages to an IoT Hub.

Azure IoT Edge not starting

Sometimes a permission denied is a permission denied 🙁 [INFO] - Starting Azure IoT Edge Security Daemon<br>[INFO] - Version - 1.0.10~rc1<br>[INFO] - Using config file: /etc/iotedge/config.yaml<br>[INFO] - Configuring /var/lib/iotedge as the home directory.<br>[INFO] - Configuring certificates…<br>[INFO] - Transparent gateway certificates not found, operating in quick start mode…<br>[INFO] - Finished configuring provisioning environment variables and certificates.<br>[INFO] - Initializing hsm…<br>[INFO] - Finished initializing hsm.<br>[INFO] - Provisioning edge device…<br>[INFO] - Starting provisioning edge device via manual mode using a device connection string…<br>[INFO] - Manually provisioning device "iotedgedevice" in hub "iothub.